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23 May 2012

Leaving. Step 2: Eat & Drink With Friends

This is the only silver lining to leaving a place: it tends to bring people together to eat and drink. We have shared some amazing meals with some even more amazing people these past weeks.

David showing strong form as we kick off my guys night out
going-away evening at an ostrich BBQ. In full disclosure, he did find a half-eaten
scorpion under his chair and thought maybe it was mine, which went missing.
Oh what a night...

Jackson boys showing similar form, but with pizza at our
favorite neighborhood joint with their friend Asher.

Enjoying an early morning brew during a pit-stop on our long bike ride.
"Mot, Hai, Ba...Yo!" - likely the most exuberant toast out there.

Fine dining at La Villa, an amazing French restaurant Lauren discovered.
Her taste in food is only surpassed by her taste in friends.

What a blessing that we have met such awesome people during our travels. Also, in the international community it is more likely "when" not "if" you'll see good friends again. We are thankful for that.

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  1. I'm enjoying your last weeks in Vietnam vicariously. Thanks very much for these postings and photos.