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21 May 2012

Leaving. Step 1: Sell Your Stuff

First things to go went to a great home: our good friends Brian and Madi who welcomed their son, Torin, only about a week after this shot was taken. Gone are a toy organizer, nightstands, dressers and some plants.  This moving vehicle is about as large as they get in Saigon. 

This photo really does not capture how remarkable this man was. This little desk weighs a ton. The guy in back is our school's head gardener and the guy with the desk is his brother. "He's very, very strong," the gardener said. They were both laughing as I was taking this photo.

It is this strange mix of relief and sadness when you start to sell your stuff. You are slowly cutting your ties to a place and the move suddenly becomes real. After all your fierce efforts to settle and create a home you are slowly dismantling it. I don't even like that desk but I couldn't help getting a little sentimental as he drove off and I thought of the pictures Colin drew while sitting at it in the sun and the Lego creations that were proudly displayed on it.

Arriving is fun but leaving is hard.


  1. Leaving is difficult, but the prospect of everything new that a new place offers, usually, in the end, outweighs it all.

  2. We are so impressed by your bravery and sense of adventure. Many people will say that what you are doing sounds amazing, but few will actually execute on it. Hope to see you this summer in Seattle!

  3. Hi Guys, that was me, Kelly Prime, obviously new to commenting on blogs. I thought I put in my display name, but I guess not. :-)

  4. Ah sniff, I remember that leaving behind of things which had a history connected.