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11 June 2012

Goodbye Vietnam

Our last day in Saigon. We had breakfast with friends at The Gourmet Shop, walked around SSIS campus sharing memories and saying goodbye to classrooms, playgrounds and a few people still on campus. Lauren had lunch with a good friend while I began the packing process. While I was at home, our beloved housekeeper, Ms. Quay came over to say goodbye. Right before she left, she said "Monsieur, Madame, Trevor, Colin" and pointed to her heart. Then she turned away and peddled down our tree-lined street on her old, green bike. We love you too Ms. Quay!

We finished packing, had a couple other visits with friends and then caught a taxi to our favorite Pho shop to end our two years exactly as we started it, with delicious bowls of beef Pho and tropical juice drinks.

We have appreciated knowing there are people out there reading what we post and hope we can continue to keep in touch with you all through our new blog from Seoul. To all our friends in Saigon: thanks for everything. You will be sorely missed. To everyone else: we hope to see you this summer and/or possibly during your visit to Seoul in the next couple years!


  1. trevor, there is something on your head in that last picture.

    we can't wait to see you guys!!!

  2. Ah Mike and Lauren, your blog has been so special. You're a gifted writer Mike, the photos have been great, and what a treat to have this glimpse into your life in faraway Vietnam. I'm just sorry I couldn't get there a second time. As for your good-bye with Ms Quay, it makes me want to cry. What a blessing your helpers were. They'll always be embedded in your memories of your life there.