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09 June 2012

Leaving. Step 4: Boxes

A lot of cardboard goes into these transitions. Today we had seven super-efficient men working from 8:30 am to 4:00pm to prepare are belongings for shipment to Korea. We spent our day holed-up in our guest room to stay out of the way.

Turns out just about everything we "need" to be settled fits into 106 boxes.

Forts! When all your toys are in boxes, you have to get creative.

We are so blessed that these two guys enjoy each other's company so much.
No matter what we put them through, they find ways to be creative
and pass the time having a blast together. Next challenge: long plane trips!

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  1. Ah boxes, a fixture of my growing up in the Navy. They signify so much — life contained, ending, freedom. As for Trevor and Colin they are special and delightful. Love those guys.