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06 June 2011

Ben Song (River Restaurant)

Last weekend we had one final staff happy-hour. We decided to head to a place that opened up across the river from the school. We had all seen it from the windows of our classroom but did not know what it was nor really how to get there. So, we headed out Friday afternoon and went to the banks of the river.
Lauren in backpack. Restaurant in background.

We then waved and whistled and they sent a boat across the water. One, mind you, that they were working on: the sound of hammering meeting us across the water before the boat arrived. When it arrived, they pulled up on the oposite side of a barbed wire fence, removed some of the barbed wire and helped us into the boat.

We then took the 60 second trip across the river to the new Ben Song restaurant.

The restaurant was actually really beautiful and it was neat to look back across the river to the school and Phu My Hung, drinking Tiger beers with no chance of passing students. Felt, actually, like we were on vacation for a minute there.  And, of course, I need to end with a snapshot of the menu...always good for some entertaining reading.


  1. I love catching up on what you have been up to. Happy Belated birthday Lauren. I hope we will get some chances to hang out with your wonderful family this summer. We miss you guys!

  2. I want the one like false dog meat. Yummy! You're having such an adventure and I especially like this one. Imagine waving and calling and they send a boat across the river? Love it!

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